Where to Find Badugi in Las Vegas

Where to Find Badugi in Las Vegas?

We understand the frustration you must be feeling, especially considering it’s no easy feat to track Badugi down in Las Vegas casinos. Therefore, we cannot help but feel like your knight in shining armor in this situation. We have all the information you can possibly need, so worry no more.

Why Is It so Hard to Find Badugi in Las Vegas?

Besides telling what the best places to play Badugi at in Vegas are, we can also reveal the reason why Badugi is so hard to find. Unfortunately, this interesting poker variation is somewhat underestimated and left in the shadow of the poker’s big superstars — Texas Hold’Em, Seven Card Stud, and some other high-stakes poker games.

Nevertheless, we decided to save you some time and money in the vast search for Badugi on the bright and colorful streets of Vegas. Namely, the main reason why players turn to Badugi in the first place is more or less because they want to play low-stakes poker game. This is perfectly understandable, and not everyone can afford to risk a couple of thousands of bucks (or more) at the poker table.

So if you are a draw poker lover and want to gamble with no excessive money lost, Badugi is the best choice. But how should one search for Badugi once they enter the casino? The answer is — easily! Just look for the mixed games section. These mixed games offer various options — from Badugi, Stud Hi/Lo, pot-limit Omaha, no-limit Hold’Em, 2–7 triple draw, etc.

Let’s also mention you can always play online poker on many online poker sites. So before you hit the casino gaming floor, feel free to practice a bit from the comfort of your home.

Casinos Which Offer Mixed Games

Ok, so the summer is coming. Therefore, Las Vegas is attracting some significant attention worldwide because of the World Series of Poker (WSOP). This tournament is for the gambling community what the Olympics are for athletes.

Hence, the better and the more extensive offer of poker variations occur precisely during the summer. So make sure you book your stay before it’s too late. Here are some of the best places you can stay at which will provide you with an opportunity to participate in many quality matches of Badugi:

Aria Casino Resort

Aria Casino Resort

Aria Casino is the proud owner of one of the most visited poker rooms in Las Vegas, so this establishment can do nothing else but dazzle you. Also, having a wide variety of mixed games (the main competitor of Bellagio in this matter), with Badugi being among them, is a big plus for someone in search for it.

However, one of the most popular high-limit treats for poker players is the great Ivey’s Room. This one is reserved for the ones with deeper pockets and represents a highly exclusive poker room.

Now, you should keep in mind that on each Tuesday, Aria holds a low-stakes game of $4–$8, sometime around 1 P.M. in this room. The best thing about it is the rule ‘you can join the game, or add a game.’ This means that you can either join a low-stakes game or bring your own beloved poker type to the table and start a whole new cash game.

Moreover, you can even find mixed games with a bit higher stakes, from $10–$20 to $30–$60. Also, during the summer, Aria is known for offering various new poker variants on its gaming floor. But it is often the case that it gets quite crowded, so mixed games can sometimes get temporarily excluded from the casino’s repertoire.

Bellagio Casino & Hotel

We’re sure that anyone who has ever visited the Strip Boulevard has heard about the famous Bellagio’s Bobby’s Room, which hosts the famous Big Game. This is a game of crazy-high limits.

It is something an average player can only dream about, but fortunately, this famous casino offers mixed games to more humble folk, thrill and action included.  

In Bellagio, we can find the standard $20–$40 participation for mixed games. Unlike Aria, which squeezes out them during the summer, Bellagio is proud to present the 24/7 action they provide. However, once the WSOP begins, the limits may grow ten times in price compared to the standard offer.

Venetian Las Vegas

Venetian Las Vegas

A standard in the poker room of Venetian is no-limit Hold’em. But during the summer, like in almost every Vegas casino, things change.

Namely, their most popular DeepStack Championship Poker Series begins, so the choice of mixed games becomes minimal during this period. At that time, tournaments take most of the casino’s space.

This means that if you’re craving to play Badugi at the Venetian, better choose a period from Autumn to the end of Spring.

Wynn Las Vegas

This poker room is the most luxurious in the whole Strip. And for all of you who enjoy sheer glamour, Wynn is an absolute dream come true. However, you don’t have to be a high-stakes player to experience its dash of luxury. Wynn’s casino is an absolute favorite for the gamblers playing Wynn’s standard $9–$18 mixed games.

Again, we have to mention the summer period. Unlike the other entries on our list, in this casino, during the hot season, from Thursday to Sunday, a great variety of mixed games can be found in their regular offer. The limits start as low as they can, but can grow to an astonishing $1,000–$2,000.

The Orleans

The Orleans

Even though this casino resort isn’t precisely in the Vegas Strip, it has some great offers of mixed games, including Badugi, and it isn’t so far from the center of the gambling street. Their stakes go from $4–$8.

Additionally, if you get tired of Badugi, you can always try your luck at the table of Omaha Hi-Lo anytime. And if you’re an amateur eager for some helpful bits of advice — the Orleans might just be the place for you. After a couple of rounds in this casino, you will soon be ready for some more advanced competition in the heart of the Strip.

We Promised, We Delivered

Well, as it seems, Badugi had its bright moments back in the mid-1980s in Canada, but these days, it just doesn’t draw as much attention. Although we have to admit, once you start playing Badugi, it became an irreplaceable pastime.

Overall, it’s quite a refreshing change from the all-present Texas Hold’Em poker and other viral poker games. Fortunately, Badugi may be rare, but it’s not completely gone. You can still find this game in many casinos, and even play it at some online ones.

And the absolute best side of this draw poker variant lies in the fact the stakes are really low, except in the summer season. Ok, we gave you the information, now it’s up to you to gear up and hit the road. Go have the time of your life and good luck!

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